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Engineer in Japan / ???????(???·???·????·??????·????·????·??·???)

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Engineering and Science

We are looking for engineer who can speak Business level Japanese and already has a visa to work in Japan.
This company develops comprehensive human resources specialized for engineers. Main industries are automobiles, semiconductors, personal computers, digital home appliances, mobile terminal, plant, chemistry, biotechnology etc. We can handle large projects.
The number of projects can be related to various industries, control of automobiles, aircraft, rockets, etc. and design of microcomputer embedded software.
There will be a written examination in Japanese (skill check / aptitude check etc)
?Position:  Engineer
?Working hours:
· 8: 30 ~ 17: 30 (without break time : 8 hours working)
? Overtime work (about 20 hours per month : full payment)
There is a possibility that it will be changed depending on the tasks assigned and the assignee.
You will work at contracted office. (Tokyo/Osaka/Hyogo/Kyoto/Shiga/Wakayama/Nara)
· 215,000 yen / per month (annual income over 2,580,000 yen)
*We will decide the salary taking into consideration the current annual income and ability.
* Estimated wage = regular salary + employment allowance + class pay
+ Career assistance pay + Region / Residential allowance + Job allowance
+ Single employment allowance allowance
· 125-day annual holiday
· Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
· Paid vacation: 10 days after entering company half a year
· Transportation expenses (full payment)
· Overtime allowance (full payment)
· Job allowance, employment allowance
· Trial period · Yes: 3 months (Conditions during trial period are unchanged)
· Social insurance
· Child-care and nursing care leave: Employees who join less than one year are excluded
??Please apply by using this form??
* Please understand that we will not reply if you don't follow or meet the requirements.
* Please do not try to contact us through any means other than the form before we respond to your form entry. If you meet the requirements we will contact you.
* ENT Co. Ltd. is cooperating with Connect Co. Ltd. for recruiting opportunities.
* This position is under private recruitment. We will tell you the company name only when we do the interview.
We have a list of available positions be sure to check it periodically for new listings. 
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·?? 21.5????(??258????)
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???/???? ???????????
·???????? 2??⇒??23.5??
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·?? :???(????) ·????(????)
·????????? ·??/???????????
·???? :3??(???????????????)
·?? :????125?
·????2??(?·?)?? ·?????????????
????????????????????????????????????? ?Requirements:
*Must be located in Japan
*Must have Japanese Language ability at a business level
*Must have a visa that allows work in Japan already
*Must have Science and Engineering B.A.
*Must have experience of working at a Job that uses your Major

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