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ALT Iwate Tono City

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The placement will be in a majority of elementary schools and at least one junior high school throughout Tono City in Iwate Prefecture, where the ALT will assist as a team teacher and help plan English lessons under a schedule created by GLAD and the Board of Education. Successful candidates must be willing to move before June 1st.Get ready for amazing adventures and unique experiences in Japanese schools and within the local community: Culture festivals, school performances, sports day, and much more. With weekends off, national holidays, summer and winter vacations all aligned with the local Board of Education calendar, you will have more than enough downtime to make the most of your time in Japan.Contract dates:June 2018 - March 2019Conditions:·Monthly base salary is 240,000 yen per month. ·Monday to Friday. Between 8:20 am to 16:00 pm.·Transportation costs will be covered at a certain rate per month. We can provide a rental car at 25,000 yen a day.·Days off include weekends, National Holidays, and other holidays set on the Board of Education's school calendar.
·We can provide you a rental car·Moving/relocation assistance·Transportation cost covered (fixed rate)·Friendly support systemIn addition to our tight-knit community of teachers, we as a company can support you to the best of our efforts. Our hope is to create a company which allows you to feel like you are a part of a team. About Tono City:Tono City is located in Iwate Prefecture in the northern Tohoku region of Japan. As of February 2018, Tono had a reported population of 27,657 people, including 119 foreign nationals. There will be 3 Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) to work in this lovely city, full-time. In summers, highs are roughly 25 °C while winter lows are around -5°C. While it gets a bit cold, this creates perfect conditions for snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. Onsens, spa resorts, snowboarding and ski resorts are all over – hot springs and powdered snow just a drive away! Iwate is especially a convenient location to visit famous places in Northern Japan such as Kakunodate, Samurai residence street, the Aomori Nebuta Festival. There’s a lot to see near and far while working in Tono City! Must be a native speaker of English, or have acquired an education in English for at least 12 years. Must have completed a University Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) in English countries.Must have a strong interest in Japanese culture and language and be able to connect with Japanese people.Must have at least one year of English teaching experience at elementary schools and/or junior high schoolsMust have a valid visa status that allows you to live and work in Japan (Visa sponsorship available).Must have conversational Japanese. Must hold an international or Japanese driver's license in order to commute to schools

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