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Salary calculation and translation position in Tokyo! / ?????????????????????????????????????

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Accounting and Finance,
Banking and Finance

Full-time job 5 minutes walk from Akasaka station / 10 minutes walk from Roppongi station
Business-level English speaking people needed. Work on payroll calculation and insurance procedures for foreign-affiliated companies.
? Job Description
Many business partners are using foreign capital. We will perform salary calculation work and social insurance procedures introducing our own salary system. It is possible to acquire personnel labor and tax expertise through work.
? Work content
We will perform payroll and social insurance procedures requested from the client. Company size varies from 20 to 30 people to 2000 people scale. Depending on the company, exchange in English may be necessary.
? Talent wanted
¦ Experience doing insurance and payroll for a company with over 100 people.
¦ Experience using Excel
Other Skills wanted
¦ Understand payroll accounting, social insurance procedures, and personnel business
¦ Business-level English/Japanese
? No school/college requirements
? Application guidelines
Category: office work
Category Details: Personnel salary service
English proficiency: Business level English proficiency
Salary: Monthly salary 240,000 yen ~
Working hours: 9: 00-18: 00
Break time 1 hour
¦ Benefits
Raise once per year (January)
Bonuses twice a year (June and December)
? One bonus will be paid every two months
Various Social Insurance
Transportation expenses full payment
Various allowances (overtime / housing)
¦ Holidays / Vacation
Full weekly two day system (Saturday, Sunday)
Holidays / New Year's holidays / Congratulation holidays / Paid vacation
If you are interested please attach a resume and send us an email to ( or apply from the form below.
Thank you very much.
? ENT Co., Ltd. is a global recruiting partner of Asuka Corporation.
? This job offer is a private job offer. We will tell you the company name at the time of online interview.--------------- 
¦100???????????????? ??
??:    ?? 240,000? ~

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