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Support Worker, 91800 Brunoy France

Community Case Management Services Ltd, Paris

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Healthcare, Nursing and Medical
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The client

Our client is a young boy with Cerebral Palsy and is severely disabled. He lives with his parents and two younger siblings. He requires twenty-four hour care, which is provided by a team of support workers caring for him alongside the English and French speaking parents in the family home in France.

The clients disability means that he is doubly incontinent, and requires PEG feeds and medications via a gastrostomy. He also suffers with recurrent chest infections and sometimes requires nasal suctioning to clear his airway. He is visually impaired and is unable to communicate verbally or as yet using any other reliable means. He vocalises but relies on caregivers who know him well, to interpret his non-verbal expressions and body language to anticipate his needs. 

He requires 24 hour postural management to maintain his body in the best anatomical alignment possible and very careful handling to avoid injury to his delicate bones. He is fully hoisted for all transfers. Training and supervision will be provided in respect of these and any other specialist tasks.

Our client presently attends a local special school.  Successful support workers will be expected to assist the client at home and in the community and when the client and his family go on weekends away and holidays.  

Care Regime

Our client requires full support with all activities of daily living, and support workers also need to promote his wellbeing and ensure that he is able to integrate fully within the family environment and where appropriate within the wider community. 

Our client needs twenty-four hour care and support because of his disability. His parents will continue to be involved and to discharge their parental responsibilities. He normally requires 1:1 daytime care before and after school on weekdays and all day during weekends and school holidays. He also requires 1:1 waking night care as he frequently has disturbed nights. 

He has a scoliosis of his spine and dislocated hips. He is soon to have spinal surgery and will have hip surgery at a later date.  Post spinal surgery he will require 2:1 for handling for a period. During this period he will need 2 carers for daytime and 1 waking night and 1 sleeping night carer.

Support workers are needed to cover day and night duties throughout the year including all weekends and bank holidays. This is achieved via a rolling rota whereby one worker does days and another does nights. All support workers are expected to rotate through days and nights.  

There will be occasions when you would need to accompany our client and his family on holiday or weekend away.  

Support workers will work within our clients home and under the day-to-day direction of his parents/case manager.

A case manager is in place and responsible for the care regime, working alongside the client and his family, and to supervise support workers.

Local applicants able to travel to the clients home on a daily basis are welcome. For candidates who live too far to travel daily comfortable and private support worker accommodation (for 2 carers) is provided on site. This is attached to the rear of the family home, is not overlooked by the family, and has a separate entrance and a small terrace area. Currently he has some support workers who travel from the UK to do blocks of shifts. 

The Responsibilities of the Support Worker
To promote the clients health, well-being and happiness.
To provide assistance with all care requirements, continence needs, dressing and feeding.
To carry out any cleaning or other domestic tasks (only those which are specifically related to the clients care needs). 
To prepare and administer PEG feeds (once trained and assessed as competent to do so). 
To prepare and administer medications medication as prescribed, under the guidance of the clients parents/team leader and in line with relevant protocols, via PEG (once trained and assessed as competent to do so).
To encourage and facilitate communication, in line with guidance from speech and language therapist.
To provide a programme of sensory activities in line with the guidance of relevant therapists.
To provide stimulation and appropriate activities/social interaction.
To accompany the client to various appointments and activities.
To provide physiotherapy exercises and positioning as recommended by professionals.
To maintain a safe environment for the client and relevant others.
To follow the support programme as agreed with the clients parents and overseen by the team leader/case manager.
To advise the clients parents of any concerns regarding his physical and psychological health.
To use initiative when unforeseen events occur and the family/team leader are not directly available to provide guidance. 
To work alongside the clients family and encourage positive relationships and integration. 
To work as a member of a care team to ensure good communication, flexibility, and a consistent approach to the clients care.
To attend team meetings and training sessions as requested. Some of these may be virtual e.g. via video conference.
To make a detailed daily report following each duty regarding the clients care and welfare.
To liaise with the employer via team leader/case manager for annual leave requests and alerting the employer of sickness that will prevent them working, in order that a replacement can be organised.
To liaise with the clients family, Team Leader and/or case manager about general progress and regarding all incidents that are either unusual or which give rise for concern.
To maintain confidentiality in all matters relating to the clients personal and clinical needs within the parameters of clinical necessity, i.e. within the family, support team, case manager, multidisciplinary team on a strictly need to know basis.
To maintain confidentiality in all matters relating to the clients situation and family. No such information is to be disclosed to a third party. 
To respect the private space of the client and his family and their right to a private family life. 
To undertake any other activity commensurate with the clients needs as directed by the family Team Leader and / or case manager. 

No Smoking Policy

A strict no smoking policy is in place on any part of the clients property for the purpose of the employment. This includes the support workers accommodation. .

No Alcohol Policy

No alcohol is permitted on any part of the clients property as part of the family is Muslim. This includes the support workers accommodation. 
Person Specification

Essential Criteria
Must have awareness of brain injury/learning disability and their consequences.
Previous experience of working with disabled children. 
Experienced and enthusiastic support worker with NVQ2 (or equivalent) in health / social care 
Demonstrate a high quality of verbal and written communication skills.
Demonstrate awareness of risk.
Evidence of enabling skills and ability to promote independence.
Must have a positive attitude.
Must have a good sense of humour.
Must demonstrate ability to work confidently alone and as part of a team.
A high level of mental and physical stamina.
Must demonstrate a high level of organisational and administrative skills
Ability to use email and word processing packages
Non Smoker

Desirable Criteria
Previous experience of working with children who have a brain injury/learning disability.
Previous experience of working with children who have communication difficulties.
Previous experience of working with children with a gastrostomy
Previous experience of working with children who require 24 hour postural management.
Previous experience of working one-to-one in a clients home/community setting.
Previous experience of rehabilitation and working with therapists.
An understanding of special needs education. 
Ability to upload documents and images to a server, e.g. skills similar to uploading to Dropbox or uploading photos to Facebook.
Ability to speak some French and or willingness to learn conversational French.

This is be no means an exhaustive list and there are other areas, which will become apparent as time goes by.

Please acknowledge that you have received the Support Worker Job Description outlining the responsibilities of a Support Worker which will be discussed in more detail as part of your training. 


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