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Become a Resolution & Maintenance Executive with Pebbles Concierge

Pebbles Concierge SASU, Riviera

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Estate Agent, Real Estate
Note that this advert has expired!
The application deadline for this job advert has expired, and it is no longer possible to apply for the position.
The job advert is displayed for reference purposes only.

Vacancy: Resolution & Maintenance Executive

Which Pebbles? Pebbles Concierge SASU

Number of Positions Available: 1

Hours: 35 hours per week

Salary: On application

Position Start Date: Immediate

Duration: Mar - Oct CDD to cover parental leave

Vacancy Description: You will be responsible for finding solutions and fixing maintenance issues as they come up. You'll be able to send out our maintenance team to fix a range of issues. On Monday you could be dealing with a broken toilet seat. On Tuesday co-ordinating with a syndic on a leak from the upstairs apartment. You'll be called on for Wi-Fi issues and ovens not working.

You'll be a service focused finisher, co-ordinating our external maintenance contractors to ensure that our owners and guests needs are met. With you at the helm, everyone involved internally are aware of progress and costs to guide through to full resolution of the issue. You'll be excellent at reporting and working with our internal maintenance data system. You'll have a keen ear and eye to ensure other departments know progress to avoid any future guests' disappointment or disruption is minimal. You'll be helping set up new apartments so they're ready to open their doors and welcome guests. You'll be based in our Nice office at 20 rue de l'hotel des postes with the rest of our owner and guest support team

Qualifications: Minimum requirement of near fluent French and perfect written and spoken English. All internal written communication is done in English for the benefit of our UK HQ and English speaking owners

Skills: Youre a fixer, plain and simple. You can cut through ambiguity and get right to the root cause of an issue and report it so no-one is in any doubt about the issue. No-one has to ask you questions or for more information, you've covered everything. Pragmatism and commerciality are skills you possess in spades. You'll see the issue from both the guests and the owners point of view. You'll be able to report on solutions so we can best deal with least disruption and heartache to all. You know that repairs cost both time and money. You can weigh up what approach is best to carefully keep an eye on the purse-strings of all invested, whether apartment improvements, guest damage, owner repair. As an excellent time manager, you can keep tabs on your own time so that we can bill fairly and cover your salary. Juggling all this, you'll be one cool and collected Pebble.

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