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Conditions for use of the job database and the associated website

1. General
These conditions apply to any and all use of the job database and the associated website from which the job database can be accessed. Please read these conditions carefully before accepting them. By clicking the ”I accept” button when registering as a user, the following happens:
”As a user of the job database you confirm and declare that you have read, understood and accepted these conditions, including the number of consents given in relation to the processing of personal data, and that any use of the job database and the associated website will be in compliance with the conditions”.
It may be necessary to amend these conditions, possibly due to legislative amendments, and, consequently, the owner of the job database reserves the right to amend these conditions. If amendments are made, the “last updated” date at the bottom of the document will be changed. In case of material amendments, the user will be notified thereabout via the associated website of the job database. All users are requested to check for amendments of the conditions regularly.

2. About the job database
The job database allows candidates to create a CV and employers to create job advertisements. By means of an “end-user to end-user” technology developed by MatchWork World Wide A/S, where candidates can search for jobs and employers can search for candidates, it is possible to match candidates and employers electronically on the basis of their registered data.
The job database and the related systems are developed and owned by MatchWork World Wide A/S. MatchWork World Wide A/S co-operates with various Partners via national subsidiaries, which as part of this co-operation can offer their own jobsite hosted by MatchWork World Wide A/S.
As a user of the job database you declare that you will not use the job database to provide incomplete, wrong or inaccurate data which are not consistent with your accurate and truthful CV.

3. Responsible for handling the personal data contained in your CV
PARTNER is responsible for its own job site, including the personal data entered into the job database by users of the job site in connection with the creation of their CVs. MatchWork World Wide A/S will be in charge of the practical administration and technical storage of your personal data and MatchWork World Wide A/S is, consequently, deemed to be the data processor. 

Data manager of personal data:

AngloINFO Limited
Registration no. 05311692
The Manor House
Howbery Park
OX10 8BA
United Kingdom

Data processor of personal data:

MatchWork World Wide A/S
Central bus. reg. no. 19 42 99 03
Gladsaxe Møllevej 26
DK-2860 Søborg
Tel. +45 36 95 95 95
Fax. +45 36 95 95 37

A. PARTNER is part of the MatchWork Job Network, where several different partners/jobsites share access to job advertisements and CVs, including your CV.
B. If PARTNER for any reason withdraws from the co-operation with MatchWork, the following may happen with your CV (your personal data):
The obligations of the data manager, including the responsibility for handling your CV, is assigned to MatchWork World Wide A/S, whereupon your CV can continue being matched with job positions registered in other jobsites/ job databases through other MatchWork partners participating in the MatchWork Job Network.
The obligations of the data manager, including the responsibility for handling your CV, will remain with PARTNER. The Partner may choose to continue matching your CV with vacant positions in a new jobsite / job database not hosted by MatchWork World Wide A/S.
The obligations of the data manager, including the responsibility for handling your CV, are shared in accordance with paragraph B 1 (one) and B 2 (two). Consequently your CV can be used in two jobsites / jobdatabases.
You will be notified immediately in case of any changes in regards to the data manager and the responsibility for handling the personal information in your CV. Naturally, you will at the same time be provided with an easy access to delete your CV (including your person information), if you wish to do so.
PARTNER and MatchWork World Wide A/S aim for a high degree of data security, (see the details in clause 4 regarding the processing of personal data).

4. Processing of your personal data
When you register as a user of the job database, you voluntarily provide personal data to be registered in the job database.
Personal data are provided and registered with the sole purpose of enabling the matching of candidates and employers, see clause 2 above.
It is important to the data manager that the users’ personal data are stored securely and confidentially, and it is also important to act in accordance with the legislation aiming to protect personal data. 

4.1. What type of personal data do you provide as a user?
Personal data comprises of contact information, including name, postal address, e-mail address and various information regarding education and training, job experience, etc.
A candidate is requested to provide only information that is necessary in order to fulfil the purpose of the job database. Consequently, users of the job database are requested not to provide sensitive personal data, e.g. regarding race, religion, political affiliation, trade union membership, health status data, sexuality, etc.

4.2. Consent to the processing of personal data
When providing personal data, you also expressly consent to permitting the data manager, the data processor  and the MatchWork Job Network to use such data to match candidates and companies.
In addition, the data manager and the data processor are allowed to use personal data in a depersonalised form, e.g. for use in statistics and for comparisons. Personal data are not used for market analyses, marketing or any other purposes unless the user has given her/his express consent to such use.

4.3. Disclosure of personal data
Data that can be attributed to a single person, i.e. data that can be used to identify an individual user, form part of a CV but will only be disclosed to a potential employer when the user herself/himself allows it. Consequently, your consent will be requested in each situation before this type of data is disclosed to a third party.
As a user, you consent to the disclosure of personal data within the MatchWork World Wide A/S group. Furthermore, you accept that personal data may be sent to third parties in a country outside the European Union. If personal data are disclosed within the MatchWork World Wide A/S group or to a third party in a country outside the European Union, such disclosure aims to fulfil the purpose of disclosing personal data which the user has accepted when providing the said data.
With the exception of the above-mentioned situations, the data manager will only disclose personal data to a third party if so required in order to comply with the applicable legislation.
When personal data are disclosed to an employer based on the user’s express consent, it is the responsibility of the company in question to handle the data in accordance with the legislation.

4.4. Access to/editing of personal data
If you as a candidate wish to edit, deactivate or delete your CV, including your personal data, you may do so 24 hours a day by using your individual user name and password, (see clause 5). Personal data are only stored in the job database for as long as the user herself/himself wishes. If a user has not logged onto the system for eighteen months, such user’s data will automatically be deleted.
All users are entitled to receive information about the data registered by the data manager about them up to twice a year. In such case, the user must contact the data manager.
Similarly, you may contact the owner of the jobsite if you have other questions in relation to the processing of personal data, including if you wish to make changes or delete your data.
As a basis, the data manager or the data processor will not edit or change the data provided. If a CV is registered in another language, the system will automatically translate the table text into the relevant languages in order to enable matching of the parties. In addition, the data manager reserves the right to delete manifestly wrong and/or offensive data without prior notification of the user.

4.5. Cookies
The website associated with the job database uses cookies. Cookies are small pieces of digital information stored on the user’s hard drive. A cookie does not identify the individual user but the personal computer used by the user to visit the website. A cookie recognises a computer as a user when the computer logs onto a website.
The purpose of using cookies is to use the information to prepare statistics, etc. Such statistics are e.g. used to improve the structure of the website and the job database.

4.6. Data security
All personal data are protected by means of a user name and a password, (see the details in clause 5). You can have access or edit your data by using the individual user name and password.
Apart from the users, only the data manager and the data processor have access to the registered data.
All processing of data performed by the MatchWork World Wide A/S group takes place at a location in Denmark employing top security clearance requirements. This also applies to data communication internally in the MatchWork World Wide A/S group which uses an encrypted tunnel and a firewall.
The server supporting MatchWork World Wide A/S’ systems, including the job database, is located in a physically locked room. Access to this room is limited to a minimum number of people, irrespective of whether the server is located at MatchWork World Wide A/S’ own premises or with a third party in connection with the data processing and/or other technical support. Only persons working directly with the Internet access are allowed physical access to the server. This means that only a few of MatchWork World Wide A/S’ employees have physical access to the server and thus the data stored in the job database. All these employees have signed binding confidentiality agreements covering the data in the job database. Furthermore, access to the server room is limited by means of personal and individual key cards with PIN codes.
The property is covered by a UPS system (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and equipped with fire monitoring and alarm systems.
The system infrastructure (or internal structure) is based on a Microsoft platform and is by means of a firewall in so far as possible protected against outside attacks or hacking attempts.

5. User name and password
When registering as a user of the job database, the user is given an individual user name and a password so that the user can access her/his own user information only by using her/his user name and password.
All users are responsible for keeping their user name and password confidential. Similarly, they are responsible for all users of their user profile, irrespective of whether or not such use is authorised by the user.
As a user you accept to notify the data manager or the data processor immediately if unauthorised use of your user name or password has taken place or there is a risk of such unauthorised use.

6. Right to the job database and the associated website
The job database and the associated systems have been developed and are owned by MatchWork World Wide A/S.
The compilation (i.e. the collection and arranging) of all website contents belongs to MatchWork World Wide A/S and is protected by national and international copyright law. Unauthorised use of the material may be an infringement of the legislation governing copyright and trademarks or other legislation. As a user of the job database, you must maintain all copyright statements, trademarks, service marks or other ownership statements on original material on every copy you may be legally entitled to make of the material.
The contents of the job database, including text, graphic, pictures, logos, button icons, software, etc. are protected according to national and foreign legislation governing copyright, trademarks, etc. The material is the property of the people who have made it available, unless otherwise appears from a specific agreement or the legislation.

7. Responsibility for the contents of the job database and the associated website
The user is responsible for her/his own data and for the consequences of placing them in the job database and on the associated website.
The data manager acts as a passive channel for online distribution and publishing of data from the users. Neither the data manager nor the data processor is under an obligation to check data and material posted on the website by the users. Therefore, the correctness of the contents of the website is not guaranteed.
The data manager requests all users to keep in mind that this service may bring them into contact with people or companies that are not who they claim to be. The users themselves assume any and all risks associated with transactions with other users with whom they establish contact through the job database or the website as a whole.
If the data manager or the data processor obtains knowledge about the existence of data in the job database or on the website which are not in compliance with these conditions, the data manager or the data processor may delete such data without further notice. The same applies to the existence of data or the like that may constitute grounds for legal action against the data manager or the data processor or involve a risk that the data manager or the data processor may lose services from their suppliers.
By sending contents to a public or non-public area on the website, including bulletin boards, forums, competitions and chat rooms, you will as the person submitting such data be regarded as responsible for the data manager’s or the MatchWork World Wide A/S group’s right to use such contents free of charge, for an indefinite period of time and irrevocably, including distribute, publish, change the contents, etc. As the sender of the contents, you guarantee that you have the rights to all material posted on the website.
The job database and the associated website may contain links to other websites owned by a third party. These links are only included as a service for the users of the job database and their presence on the website do not indicate approval of the contents of the related homepages by the data manager or the data processor. Consequently, all use of these links and activities on such homepages are at the user’s own risk.

8. Safety rules for use of the job database and the associated website
As a user of the job database and the associated website, users are subject to the general law, including rules prohibiting the infringement of other people’s rights.
In particular, the data manager emphasises the following matters as being contrary to these conditions. Please note that the list is not exhaustive and does not imply that the law is not applicable to other issues as well. 
Users shall not compromise or attempt to compromise the security of the website, e.g. by:

(a) accessing data not intended for the user, or trying to log onto a server or an account which the user is not authorised to access,

(b) attempting to examine, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or bypass the security and authorisation precautions taken without having due authorisation to do so,

(c) attempting to interrupt the service or compromise the safety for any user, host or any network, including by sending a virus or other damaging or unwanted mechanisms to the website, by overloading, ”flooding”, ”spamming” and sending unsolicited bulk e-mail to it or by making the system break down,

(d) employing any device, software or routine aimed at interrupting or attempting to interrupt the correct function of the website or any activity taking place on such website,

(e) sending unsolicited e-mails, including advertising or advertisements for products or services,

(f) forging any TCP/IP packet labels or any parts of the information in the start label in any e-mail or any news group posting,

(g) deleting or changing material placed on the website by the data manager, the data processor or other users,

(h) using any kind of machine, software, tool, agent or another device (e.g. browsers, search robots, robots, avatars or intelligent agents) to navigate or search this website. Exempt from this prohibition is the search machine or the search agents available from the website, or web browsers from a third party which are generally available (e.g. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer). Limited use of and access to our robot page called URL is possible,

(i) attempting to decipher, decompile or perform reverse translation or reverse engineering of the software used in or forming part of the job database of MatchWork World Wide A/S,

(j) using the website to transfer, send, save or destroy material in a way that infringes the copyright or ownership of trademarks, business secrets or any other form of intellectual property rights belonging to a third party, or which infringes the privacy, advertising rights or other personal rights of others, or is defamatory, obscene, threatening, rude or repulsive.

If a user has authorised access to an area on this website that is not publicly accessible, such user shall not reveal the password to or share it with any third party, nor shall the password be used for unauthorised purposes.
Non-compliance with these security rules or applicable legislation may lead to the user’s incurring civil or criminal liability. The data manager or the data processor will examine all incidents that may be presumed to involve an infringement of the above-mentioned security rules and may report ascertained non-compliances to the police and other relevant authorities.

9. Exclusion of liability
The data manager and the data processor cannot in any way be held liable in connection with any kind of use of the job database or the associated website. The below information does not in any way imply a limitation of the exclusion of liability but is only examples of situations, etc. where the data manager and the data processor cannot be held liable.
The data manager and the data processor do not guarantee that data published by users are true or correct, nor are the data manager and the data processor responsible for any points of view expressed by the users. Consequently, all users accept that any use of material, etc. published by users is at their own risk.
The user is the only person responsible for contents and all CVs or other material posted to the job database or on the website.
It is particularly emphasised that the data manager and the data processor do not guarantee that the employers will actually be able to offer the applicants work or that the candidates are able to perform a particular kind of work. The data manager and its data processor are, consequently, not responsible for any matters regarding a possible employment where contact was established based on the job database or the website.
The data manager and the data processor do not guarantee that the website will work flawlessly, or that the website and its server are free from computer viruses or other damaging mechanisms. If use of the website, including material present on the website, leads to the need for servicing or replacement of equipment or data, the data manager and the data processor shall not be liable for any costs in this regard.
The data manager, the data processor, suppliers or other parties related to the job database and/or the website shall not be held liable in damages in connection with any kind of damage or loss brought about through use of or inability to use the job database or the material placed on the website.

10. Indemnification
All users accept to defend and indemnify the data manager and the data processor and their employees, board members and agents in connection with financial and other losses, as well as against any claim, action or other requests, including reasonable legal and auditor’s fees, claimed or arising in connection with the use of the job database and/or the associated website, including a user’s non-compliance with these conditions. The data manager shall immediately notify the user about any such claim, action or any legal proceedings and the data manager shall, at the user’s expense, assist in the defence of the user in connection with such claims, actions or legal proceedings.

11. General
If a user accesses the website, including uses the job database, outside Denmark, the user does so at her/his own risk and shall assume all responsibility for ensuring compliance with the applicable rules in the country in question.
Certain services on the website are subject to further conditions of use. By using these services, the user accepts to be bound by the conditions applicable to the individual services.
Reselling or assigning rights or obligations under this Agreement is not permitted.

12. Termination
This Agreement will commence when the user clicks the ”I accept” button and it shall continue in force for as long as the user is registered as a user of the job database or until new conditions replace these conditions, (see clause 1).
The data manager or the data processor may from time to time end a user’s registration, including delete the registered data if a user does not comply with these conditions or if the data manager or the data processor is unable to verify or authenticate data posted on the website by a user. In such case this Agreement between the user and the data manager will be cancelled.

13. Disputes
In case a dispute arises regarding a user’s use of the job database or the associated website, such dispute shall be settled by the courts in the UK and according to the law of this country. 

14. General Conditions of Sale

Products and services are sold subject to the Terms and Conditions which follow. The client agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.


The positioning and description of AngloINFO Limited's core products are as described in AngloINFO's advertising pages. All prices are quoted per calendar month and exclude tax (unless otherwise specified).

14.2 TERM

Contracts for all AngloINFO advertising products are fixed term contracts and may not be cancelled within the agreed term specified on the order form and invoice. Unless otherwise specified all contracts are subject to automatic renewal without notice unless cancelled by the client as outlined below. For all products the term will commence on the date agreed.


Payment for all advertising products is due in full in advance of each specified invoicing period. Advertising products will not be displayed if payment is not received.


A contract may be cancelled at the end of the agreed term upon the client giving one calendar month's advance notice in writing by registered letter to the office of AngloINFO as shown on the invoice. Notice may be given by email to in the case of direct online purchases, provided always that receipt of the email is confirmed. Online orders may be cancelled at any time within seven days from the time of order, providing always that the advertising term has not yet commenced. Any payment made for periods following a valid cancellation will be reimbursed in full.


AngloINFO will provide the client with full technical specifications for the promotional material contracted with the client. All material submitted to AngloINFO by the client must comply with these technical specifications. AngloINFO has the right to amend any material submitted by the client as necessary in order to ensure that it meets the required technical specifications.


Right of Refusal or Withdrawal of Advertising

AngloINFO reserves the right to refuse to accept, or to withdraw, without having to specify any reason, any message, advertisement or part thereof having in its text or presentation anything that AngloINFO considers to be contrary to AngloINFO's legal or commercial interests, without any obligation to the client.

Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by law, neither AngloINFO nor any of its directors, employees or agents will be liable for damages arising out of, or in connection with, the material carried on the AngloINFO site(s) for clients. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property, and third party claims.

Modification by AngloINFO

AngloINFO as the publisher reserves the right to add to, amend or otherwise modify any aspect of the AngloINFO website, at any time.

Intellectual Property

Any advertising design work carried out by AngloINFO may only be used on the AngloINFO site(s) and remains at all times the intellectual property of AngloINFO, and the invoicing and payment for the carrying of such work should not be construed as the transfer of any copyright or intellectual property rights to such work.

Acts of God or Force Majeure

AngloINFO shall not be liable for any failure to execute customer orders resulting from Acts of God or by any cause outside the control of AngloINFO (whether or not involving third parties). AngloINFO shall give credit in the form of extended advertising periods equal to the period in which the client's advertising was not carried in the case of advertising which has been paid for but not provided as a result of such Acts of God or Force Majeure.


Any disputes relating to the creation, the execution and the suspension of the contractual obligations between the parties that cannot reach an amicable settlement will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of England.

Last updated: 13-01-2015